Top medical billing company for healthcare providers in USA.

Top medical billing company. Everyone in the healthcare revenue space wants to be one!

Precision Hub is not your typical RCM company. Our early adaptation of BI and machine learning gave us a lasting competitive advantage and positioned us securely as a top medical billing company far above the rest.

Precision Hub manages the administrative aspects of clinics so that healthcare practitioners can focus on improved patient centered care.

Appointment Analysis

Appointment Analysis

Patient engagement always takes front seat with Precision Hub. Our high-visibility, proactive appointment techniques maintain focus, trust and dedicated care in every patient provider relationship.

Schedule Management

We're a step above routine scheduling. Precision Hub takes a data-driven approach towards scheduling. We report on schedule category, frequency, clinic traffic density and more.

Front Office Reporting

Giving the full picture on clinic performance. Drill down for detailed insights on patient traffic, medical credentialing status and more with our BI custom reports.

  • Standardized Medical Billing Processes

    Standardized Medical Billing Processes

    Amplifying the quality differential in your clinic operations, with a top team of medical billing specialists.

  • Zero Delay. Zero Confusion.

    Zero Delay. Zero Confusion.

    Ending the cycle of ambiguity in your appointments and scheduled visits. With Precision Hub's front office services get it right every time.

  • Helping you trim excess fat. Don't leave money on the table again. Get the support you need from the top medical billing company in USA.

  • Excellent Decision Making

    Excellent Decision Making

    Providing the best insights into your clinic's performance with our custom dashboards and reports, our medical billing outsourcing services deliver on their promise of top performance.

  • Complete Compliance

    Complete Compliance

    Securing regulatory compliance with HIPAA, MACRA, MIPS, and all other applicable regulation. With this top medical billing company, your clinic is in good hands.

Medical Claims Processing

Providing timely payments and higher profits to healthcare practitioners with adept management of the taxing work behind medical billing processing. Precision Hub handles it all on your behalf.

Denials Reduction/Management

Ending the wait on claims’ status. Precision Hub’s medical billing services team takes charge of claims denials, reducing incidence to the lowest in the industry.

Reporting Solutions

Providing instant visibility into your revenue position, receivables and collections status, claims position and more with over 10 standard and custom BI reports.

Comprehensive Credentialing Services

Keeping an eye on the fine print, and the finer details of payor T&C, application and enrolment status. Continue your practice with ease of mind..