ar recovery

AR Recovery For Healthcare Facilities

Understanding the concept of AR Recovery, the role it plays in revenue cycle management, and the five key ways to improve it to reduce the revenue leakage
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chemotherapy billing guidelines

Chemotherapy Administration Billing (Not Coding) Coding Guidelines 2022

CPT Codes for Chemotherapy Administration: How to find the right code for port flush, sequential infusions, concurrent infusions, etc.
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remote medical billing

The Growing Trend Of Remote Medical Billing

The benefits of remote billing, the scope of tasks performed by remote medical billers, and the qualification required to be a professional
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revenue cycle process

Why Is Reviewing Your Revenue Cycle Process Important And How To Do It.

An in-depth guide to effectively reviewing your Revenue Cycle Process in healthcare to improve, in terms of medical billing review and much more
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hospital billing process

Hospital Billing Process Explained

An in-depth look into the fundamentals of the backbone of the healthcare revenue cycle - the hospital billing process.
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cardiology coding guidelines

Top 7 Tips For Cardiology Coding And Billing You Need To Follow

Cardiology billing and coding are complex, but these cardiology coding guidelines can help you minimize errors and improve your revenue cycle!
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